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Below are some links to other dementia friendly or dementia related Audio/Visual resources. If you have any questions related to their content, please contact the creators directly. 

"Deepness Dementia Media is a platform that gives people tools for living well with dementia designed collaboratively with those with dementia leading the process. By coming together in a supportive, energetic common space that makes a huge difference to the well-being of those going through dementia. As opposed to providing a cure, our goal is to help people become autonomous and get the most out of life. We bring you a series of innovative projects – such as our radio station, online education courses, and much more – that use technology and music in a way that keeps people connected and stimulated. By bringing people into a community with those who have lived experience, family members, young carers, friends, workers, and educators, Deepness Dementia Media provides the perfect platform for living well with dementia.
Get in touch with Deepness Dementia Media, based in the Isle of Lewis, to find out more about our education and radio service."


"Singing With Rosy videos are fun and relaxed, dementia friendly singing sessions for anyone to enjoy. No need to sign up or register, just pop it on and sing along!"


Follow the link or search 'Singing With Rosy' on YouTube.

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