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We are an independent, online radio station that is run in collaboration with and for the benefit of those who live in the Merseyside area whose lives are affected by dementia.

Our 24/7 broadcast is carefully curated to serve as a reminiscence resource whilst also providing reality orientation, mood management, self-care reminders and signposting to local services/groups. 
Every aspect of the station is given utmost consideration to ensure that our content and the ways in which it is experienced are as dementia friendly as possible.

Our Aims and Objectives

In Our Broadcast


  1. Broadcast a mix of dementia friendly music and shows

  2. Collaborate, co produce and evaluate with carers and people living with dementia

  3. Promote dementia friendly well being and practice and signposting

  4. Broadcasting a range of music and shows promote nostalgia


As A Company

  1. Offering dementia-based awareness education within the general local community with an aim of raising awareness and reducing stigma around dementia

  2. Connect, network and take action on dementia. Working together with other dementia organisations to create dementia friendly communities

  3. Being an inclusive organisation in every aspect of operations. Ensuring all voices are heard regardless of race, gender and ability.

Meet The MDFR Team


Nat Gavin

Nat Gavin, Founder and Station Manager of MDFR. Nat has been involved with the underground music scene in the UK and Europe for over twenty years, as a musician, producer, sound engineer, DJ, performer and event organiser. He has a longstanding fascination with niche broadcasting. 

Nat’s experience with dementia originated in his supporting his late mum, Gina Shaw, who had Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Through Gina’s involvement with the local, national and international dementia community, Nat gained some insight into the challenges experienced by people living with dementia and was able to formulate a plan as to how he might use his skills for good, rather than just being daft.  


Xiaoxiao Hau

Xiaoxiao (筱潇 xiǎo xiāo) Hou is a professional Chinese zither (guzheng) player who is completing her doctorate research on music and dementia at the University of Liverpool. 


With strong interests in music and performing arts, she acquired her Bachelor in Music Education from Jiangnan University China, Masters in Musicology from Durham University and Applied Psychology from University of Leeds. Her PhD project is located across the fields of Psychology, Public Health and Music, researching means to culturally adapt and better implement individualised music intervention for ageing and dementia care. 


Xiaoxiao’s experience of dementia has developed as a result of care experience for her late grandmother and the impact she witnessed on her mother. She has been involved in many charitable activities and professional events in dementia research and care. Her research has been published in NHS magazines and she has been invited to speak at many notable events, as well as directly advising key organisations in this field. 


As a performer, she has held many Guzheng concerts in both China and the UK venues, from prestigious concert halls to community hubs, often expressing complex themes with musicians from a broad range of genres. This openness to new audiences and diverse ideas has helped to shape her as a professional musician. 


The path she has chosen has meant that Xiaoxiao has required a high degree of empathy, patience and adaptability to match her technical and academic skills in both research and music. With her years of research background, musical knowledge and skills, as well as networking with local communities, she can contribute to the MDFR team with data collecting, playlist generating, as well as community engagement.

Roy Foden pic_edited.jpg

Roy Foden

Roy Foden is a retired nurse, having worked in general and mental health nursing for 40 years. 

Roy lives with Lewy Body dementia and Parkinson's disease.

Roy has been involved with numerous research projects through Liverpool University psychology department and the NHS. 

He is also co founder and co-producer of the Chuckle Brothers, a peer support group that brings people living with dementia and carers together in a friendly atmosphere over Zoom and Whatsapp.

MDFR profile.jpg

Glenys Hunt

Glenys Hunt, LLB LLM, retired solicitor has a background in both science and law.  Her legal experience will assist with managing MDFR’s governance and finance. Glenys’ experience of dementia comes mainly from caring for her mother, and sister, both affected by the disease. She has been involved in many charitable activities in her work through Soroptimist International in supporting women and girls. 

Dean McShane_edited.jpg

Dean McShane

Dean McShane, Mental Health Senior Lecturer (RMN, MEd, PGCE, BSc (Hons), DipHe). Dean is a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN) and Senior Lecturer. In 2019 Dean received the Chief Nursing Officers medal of excellence for his work in creating a Dementia Friendly University. He is currently studying a PhD in the use of immersive technology for People living with dementia. He is a Dementia Ambassador with the Alzheimer’s Society and volunteer with music dementia charity Playlist for Life, in which he has recently been published in the British Journal of Nursing and Mental Health Practice journal promoting personalised music for people living with dementia as an intervention.

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