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Work With Us

We are looking for people to join our exciting and unique project to work in the fields of content creation, research, archiving, marketing and the general running of the station.


Whether you are looking to join us as through a placement as part of a course, to join us as a long-term volunteer or to do occasional/one-off bits of work, we can find a job for you to do!


We realise there may be a certain amount of crossover between some roles and welcome those who wish to take part in multiple aspects of the station as well as those who prefer to specialise in one particular area.

It’s great if you have an understanding of the ways in which dementia affects people, but some dementia training will be provided to all members of our team.

To get involved or to find out more information, contact Nat:


Here’s some information about the roles we’re looking to fill and the type of people we’re looking for to fill them.

Click on a role title to reveal more info

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