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Work With Us

We are looking for people to join our exciting and unique project to work in the fields of content creation, research, archiving, marketing and the general running of the station.


Whether you are looking to join us as through a placement as part of a course, to join us as a long-term volunteer or to do occasional/one-off bits of work, we can find a job for you to do!


We realise there may be a certain amount of crossover between some roles and welcome those who wish to take part in multiple aspects of the station as well as those who prefer to specialise in one particular area.

It’s great if you have an understanding of the ways in which dementia affects people, but some dementia training will be provided to all members of our team.

To get involved or to find out more information, contact Nat:


Here’s some information about the roles we’re looking to fill and the type of people we’re looking for to fill them.

Click on a role title to reveal more info

    Overview Of Role Ateending meetings to work with Programme Manager to determine appropriate placement of content Uploading audio files Creating playlists within our streaming service Scheduling programmes and playlists for broadcast Monitoring playlists, schedule and broadcast Attributes Excellent attention to detail Excellent timekeeping
    Overview of Role To design schedules, logos, promotional material and signage Attributes The ability to work to a brief Proficiency at graphic design software Knowledge of appropriate file types and formatting for different purposes (ie physical media, web ads, social media banners etc) Desired Attributes (though some training/advice can be given) An understanding of how dementia can affect people’s visual perception and how best to adapt accordingly
    Being part of the communications team means that you can specialise in social media, digital merketing, more traditional methods of marketing, devising marketing strategies or a combination of any/all of these. Overview of Role To create and identify content for use on social media platforms and websites To regularly promote our station on all applicable social media platforms. Schedule daily updates to keep listeners informed about upcoming progamming. To collaborate with station managers, programme managers, graphic designers and social media to promote the station and/or specific shows/projects related to the station using a varety of promotional methods. Attributes (some training can be provided) A sound knowledge of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram An understanding of the range of content that can be included and what is most effective An ability to recognise topics relevant to the dementia community Excellent communication skills An understanding of appropriate terminology and phrasing An understanding of the range of content that can be included and what is most effective An ability to recognise topics relevant to the dementia community Excellent communication skills An understanding of appropriate terminology and phrasing.
    Overview of Role Being the public voice of shows and features Conferring with producers and assistants to select program content based on audience tastes, program specialties, and public requests Providing information about songs being played Attributes Must be able to speak clearly and at a steady pace Should have a calm and friendly manner
  • DJs
    Overview of Role Selecting appropriate songs based on a theme (genre/era/mood etc) Introducing songs with basic info or additional chat or trivia Attributes An understanding of how to choose songs using an ever present consideration for the target audience Excellent timekeeping Desirable Attributes (though some basic training can be provided) A basic understanding of the relevant audio technology
    Overview of Role Introducing programmes Reading self care/safety reminders and listings of local dementia related events and groups etc Attributes Adjust tone depending on time of day to meet audience’s needs Must be able to speak clearly and at a steady pace.
    Overview of Role Setting up and operating recording equipment in our studio to record announcers, presenters, guests and live music Attributes Excellent time-keeping An understanding of the flow of analogue and digital signal paths A knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Digital Audio Workstations (setting up recording sessions, basic signal processing etc) such as Ableton Live, Logic etc Knowledge of appropriate microphone selection and technique
    Overview of Role Reading dementia friendly short stories and poems to be recorded for broadcast. Attributes Must be able to speak clearly and at a steady pace.
    Overview of Role Coordinating the production of programmes from beginning to end Consulting with programme/station managers and devising concepts for features/shows Performing/supervising research for programme content Creating scripts, guidelines, and plans for programmes Contacting and interviewing guests in preparation for radio shows Directing broadcasters, guests and technical staff during programming or taping Supervising sound editing Attributes A knowledge of our audience’s interests and needs Planning skills Excellent interpersonal skills A knowledge of technical aspects of production and sound editing The ability to communicate ideas clearly A friendly and calm manner
    Overview of Role Working to a brief from or in collaboration with a producer to edit and export audio files Attributes Able to use Digital Audio Workstations (such as Ableton Live) and/or specific audio editing programs (such as Soundforge/Audacity etc) Understands audience’s needs and interests
    Overview of Role Researching and collating information regarding dementia related/friendly events, services, groups and news Assisting producers of shows/features in researching information, finding guests/contributors and fact checking
    Overview of Role Working from a brief from or directly with show producers to write scripts for programme narration to frame features Writing scripts for show introductions Writing scripts for self care/safety information Editing and proofreading scripts Attributes Ability to convey information clearly and concisely whilst making it engaging Understanding of audience’s needs and interests
    Overview of Role Duties vary depending on where they are assigned Work is usually extremely varied and the Runner role offers an opportunity to learn about every aspect of the station. To assist wherever they are needed on productions Attributes Friendly and helpful manner Understanding of range of needs that some guests might have Excellent time keeping Use initiative and be adaptable
    Overview of Role Crafting effective copy for websites, apps, and all types of marketing materials Attributes To be able to edit and proofread all copy to ensure correct grammar and quality content throughout To be mindful of ensuring the brand voice is reflected across all copies
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